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Christmas Baking Now Available

Christmas Mince Pies & Sausage Rolls.
For those with cool hands and a burning desire to create the best Christmas pies and Sausage Rolls you’ve ever tasted. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, something traditional, or a brand new flavour combination, we’ll show you how to bake exceedingly well.


Baking - Sunday Mornings

Imagine being able to kick off a Sunday with your very own freshly baked, homemade bread, croissants or focaccia. . . that is going to get you so many brownie points! This is a course for those who want to push their baking skills beyond the basics and learn the fine art of dough making, pastry making, lamination and how to get that perfectly light, crisp delicious pastry.


Cake Courses - coming soon.

Now who remembers their nana's fruit cake?

So do we. . . but the difference is that we wrote them all down and learnt from some of the best nanas around as well as a few extra years perfecting our cake making skills. If there is one thing that really needs a recipe, light touch, skill and patience, cake making is it. We will help you overcome the soggy bottoms, collapsed tops and burnt edges. By the way, don't get the sugar and salt mixed up. . . it ends in a very sad cake.


Doing it with Dough (bread & roll making) Available on request

Our advanced dough and bread making classes are for those who want to know their sours from their ferments. Dough making is an art which always starts off the same way anywhere in the world but the end results are mind boggling. Learn about flour, yeast, fermentation, and understand how gluten works in a dough. Dough making is a long slow process so our courses are designed so you can join us more than once to improve your skills and knowledge. We will have you making a mind-blowing range of lovely crusty, tasty, soft, warm, and fresh breads, rolls and more.