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Hello and welcome to The Cookery. I want you all to know that me and my team are fully trained, skilled and more importantly passionate about the food we want you, your family and your friends to come and have a go at making with us. We won’t shout at you, (unless you pay extra), we won’t make you feel daft, but we will have a great time getting you involved and teaching you everything from the basics of boiling an egg through to 101 ways with baked beans on toast for the students, right up to all the clever bits you see in restaurants and lovely bakeries. I have worked with so many great people in some great places all around the world, watching people cook and bake that have amazing skills and trying to write them down so I can show you some of those things.

When you come on a course at The Cookery we want you to enjoy it, be part of the team on the day and go home with new skills to show off in your own kitchen. We are proud of The Cookery and hope you will enjoy your visit back to school, our cookery school.

Simon Atkins

Simon started life as a boy baker way back when he was 14 and still at school. He found not only was he good at it, he really enjoyed the creativity, the buzz of the busy bakery and being able to produce food that people loved. During all those years in between he has worked with some great people all passionate about food and with a craving to help pass on skills and knowledge to everyone and anyone. It has been a burning desire to open a cookery school to allow the ordinary person to come in, learn and enjoy, and also to take away skills that will help them, their families and could very well be passed down through their children. Baking and cooking is a skill, an art, but more than anything it's just great fun.

Angela Vescuso

Angela learned how to cook at home from an early age by her Italian mother's side. After over 15 years of working in the City of London, she quit the rat race to be classically trained in culinary arts at the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine where she gained a double distinction. After a number of training stints in the restaurant trade including with Theo Randall at The Intercontinental and Frederick Forster at The Boundary in Shoreditch, she set up a successful catering business with fellow Leiths graduates, and then joined The Cookery team in 2016.

Angela's favourite cuisines to teach are pasta and South East Asian: "I really like demystifying the skills behind various cuisines and seeing the expression on people's faces when they realise, with a few skills and a bit of knowledge, how easy it is to make some seriously impressive dishes."

Christoffer Hruskova

Christoffer Hruskova has more than 25 years in the industry. He has travelled and worked all over the world and worked in some of the top restaurants throughout his careeer. He opened his own restaurant in Islington in 2006 and a second one in 2010 which won a Michelin star within 10 months of opening. Chris left both restaurants in 2012 and is now working on new and existing projects for the future.

Andrew Clarke

I'm Andrew Clarke, fishmonger of 20 years experience and co owner of The Aldeburgh Market restaurant with my mother, Sara Fox. We also own the Lighthouse restaurant in Aldeburgh and used to run the Aldeburgh Cookery School with Thane Prince until retiring from that business a couple of years ago. My mobile fishmongers stall has been coming to Hoddesdon every Friday for over 15 years selling a seasonal selection of fresh fish, smoked fish and shellfish.

I absolutely love cooking and hope that as an experienced "home" cook with a working knowledge of commercial kitchen techniques, that I can help you with your own cuisine skills. I will be majoring on fish and shellfish dishes but also have good knowledge of most food groups, so please feel free to ask.

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